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NBA Green Tips – Reuse


Small acts we do every day can make a big difference when reducing your environmental impact! Below are a few great tips powered by the Green Sports Alliance that will help you live green whether at home, at work or at school!


Donate to help those in need this NBA Green Week! Donation is a great way to reuse your old sports gear! Donate balls, shoes or jerseys you’ve grown out of to cut down on your waste and save someone else having to buy new ones.

Reuse your own stainless steel water bottle at every practice and game! Save money, America’s energy resources, and the environment by sticking to a reusable bottle that you can keep refilling.

Reuse durable goods instead of disposable ones to cut waste and save money – Here are some easy everyday ideas:

  • Buy post-workout snacks in bulk to save cash and cut back on packaging waste. Pack yours in reusable containers so you always have snacks ready when you’re on the move.
  • Bring your own cloth bags to stores to avoid disposable bags.
  • Replace plastic and paper cups with ceramic mugs.
  • Refuse unneeded plastic utensils, napkins, and straws when you buy takeout foods.